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Giving back to society

Van Uden has always endeavoured to give something back to society, for instance, in the form of annual donations to art or charities such as museums, orchestras, the Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg, the Sophia Children's Hospital, Blijdorp Zoo and an orphanage/school in Vietnam.

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N/a'an ku sê Foundation

We also develop and operate safari lodges and sanctuaries together with N/a'an ku sê Holding in Windhoek, Namibia. We use the proceeds to support good causes, including the N/a'an ku sê Foundation. N/a'an ku sê was established in 2006 by the successful Dutchman Jan Verburg, his wife Tineke, and three local entrepreneurs. The idea was that by stimulating tourism, you can provide the population with new opportunities. Each tourist generates employment for six people.

Nowadays, considerably more money is channelled into education and health care for the very poor. There is also a larger budget for the ecosystem, and in the game parks, endangered species are protected in their natural habitat. Sometimes, their numbers even increase. Injured and orphaned young animals are also in safe hands.