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Mai Nha

Mai Nha Children Foundation Vietnam

Mai Nha employs a pragmatic approach: we implement well defined actions whose results are measurable. Our results are assessed on a regular basis by independent professionals. This quality requirement applies to all our programs, be it the children at Mai Nha or the scholarship students.

The organisation

Mai Nha’s activities in Vietnam are funded and supported by four legal entities, established in Vietnam, France, the Netherlands and the United States. Marc Witlox, Mai Nha’s co-founder and President of Mai Nha France and Mai Nha Vietnam, coordinates and oversees all operations.Mai Nha Netherlands stepped in as early as 2010, playing a key role in the funding of the Mai Nha Family homes, and continues to fund a significant part of their annual operating costs. In France, Mai Nha raises funds and develops partnerships, mostly with foundations and companies, and is supported by an Advisory Board whose members are experienced professionals working with children (child psychologists, pediatricians…) and NGOs operating in the area of childhood and education. In Vietnam, Mai Nha is supported by well-known Vietnamese NGOs and experts. May Nha USA raises funds in the United States.

Provide a home and a better future to underprivileged children – Mai Nha