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N/a’an kusê Holding Pty.

Partners in N/a’an kusê Holding Pty.

Van Uden werd begin 2013 partner van de N/a’an kusê Holding Pty. This company is established in Windhoek, Namibia and by developing and exploiting various lodges and wildlife reserves in Namibia can support various good causes such as the N/a’an kusê Foundation.

Over N/a’an ku sê

In 2006, the successful Dutch entrepreneur Jan Verburg and his wife Tineke started N/a’an ku sê together with three Namibian health care entrepreneurs. By developing tourism in Namibia, better prospects can be offered to the native population. Each tourist means six jobs. Tourism contributes to the budget for health care improvement and education for the poorest but also contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the ecology of Namibia. On various N/a’an ku sê locations, wildlife reserves have been developed where threatened species are replaced in their habitat. Also wounded and motherless animals are cared for and if possible replaced or if not, in any case placed in a safe environment in one of the N/a’an ku sê game reserves.

Conservation through innovation – N/a’an ku sê